Hey there,we are two teenage girls and this is our little place here on the Internet!
Skay is our blog or-as we like to call it-our online journal.Here we like to share mostly advice about various every day situations that can be very overwhelming and stressful.Oh and also sometimes we share various creative project ideas and blogging tips.We always like to break things down and simplify them in our blog posts as we find that it is a great way to connect with our readers and hopefully make your experience here on Skay a bit more delightful.


+ We actually created our blog back in July 2014 and the whole concept was entirely different.We started thinking that we would post either a DIY project or some photography once a week.After some months we realised that it was not going to workout and we actually had more important things in our minds that we wanted to write about.And that is when we started writing our advice blog posts

+ When we created our blog we named it theliferblog and that is what our blog used to be called until we decided that the name did not fit our personalities and our blog very well.So,on 17/06/2015 we renamed our blog(and changed the whole design and layout).And that is how Skay was born.

Hopefully you will have an amazing experience here on our blog and you will leave either having learnt something new or having gained some confidence.

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