Self-Esteem and body image

Hello guys! I really hope you're having a great time. On today's post we'll be discussing one of the real problems that teenagers face on a daily basis which has a great impact on their personality and life in general.
So let's be honest here. How many times did you spend hours wishing you weren't too tall, too short, too skinny, your hair was not too curly or straight? How many times in your life did you wish you were someone else?
It's a fact that teenagers have to cope up with different issues during the most awkward years of their lives and sometimes they let those issues affect their personality and character. They try to compare themselves with different celebrities or even try to look exactly like them. I mean how is this even possible?
You are amazing and perfect just the way you are. But simply teens cannot realize this. They try to look like their idols, dress like them or even act like them. It is sad. They deal with issues such as hormonal changes that affect their mood and appearance. Some teenagers have to cope up with body changes and this really has an impact on them. Sometimes they experience negative comments about their appearances and that alone can make them feel depressed. Comparing themselves with people seen in magazines and on TV simply makes it more difficult. As a result they feel bad about themselves, they think people don't like them and are lonely. Their self esteem is quite low and some of them often grow to hate themselves. This is so wrong guys. I understand that teenage years are probably the weirdest years in our lives but they are the best as well. Why not enjoy them? Why not accept who we really are? We are beautiful, each one of us in our own way. We are not the same but none of us is ugly. We are imperfect but our imperfections make us perfect. Everyone should believe that because it is the truth guys. Spread it to the world! So if you go to school tomorrow and see someone sitting alone, being sad and isolated from the others, go talk to them, learn their name. What if that person struggles with low self esteem? Tell them they're beautiful, because they are, just like everyone else.

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  1. We al deserve to feel beautiful and confident! This was such a lovely post to read xo