Confidence and social media

Let's talk social media.But in a more real,hey-im-a-17-year-old-on-instagram-way.
I think social media is a beautiful thing,honestly.But with that being said there is definitely a part of social media that is kind of weird.

Imagine going to this room that's filled with photos of a person's life.But the only thing is,this person can take any of the photos they don't want you to see and hide them.
But is the life that's being potrayed to you the truth?No,but the thing is you don't know that.

Same thing goes for social media too(especially instagram-let's be honest).
It'is really easy to post a happy happy pic and caption it with a motivational quote or something like that,but what is really going on behind the photo may be completely different.

The truth is though,no one is going to post a selfie of instagram when they are sad or when they are not looking their best.And we all do that,even if we aren't realising it.

So,what I'm trying to say is don't take what you see on instagram or social media in general to heart.
It really messes with your confidence when you start idolizing or comparing yourself to something that is possibly staged.
Same thing goes with youtube too.Watching a ten minute video of someone talking or doing DIYs or whatever doesn't mean that you know what their whole day was like.There are people that like being more real than others but still everyone likes to portray themselves as put together as possible-that's human nature.So,it is kind of stupid to start feeling crappy about yourself after you've just watched a 10 minute video of your favourite youtuber.It doesn't make sense to feel bad because your lunch never looks as instagram worthy as theirs or because they are hair goals and your hair is a knotted frizzy mess(me,that's me).

Okay,I guess that was my little ramble of the day.Social media is a beautiful thing but you got to be a little cautious with comparing yo'self to others.


  1. This post is very true! xo

  2. I honestly couldn't agree more to this post. Thanks for the ramble! :)