Greetings everyone!Today I have a very very exciting post for you!
For the past two months I've been really trying to take good care of my skin and really find what works for my skin type and what doesn't.One day I was searching skin care stuff on the internet and I came across a lot of green tea products that were recommended for my skin type.So I thought,what if I use green tea on my face.To be honest I didn't really think it would make a difference,but oh boy that simple thing CHANGED MY LIFE.

Just to let you know I have acne prone combination skin.

To make this super easy face mist heat one cup of water and dunk a green tea bag-I suggest you go for a more natural green tea.Let it steep for around half and hour or more,remove the tea bag and let your tea cool down.After that,just put it in a spray bottle and you are done!

Except from the fact that this mist is super easy and cheap,it is also very cooling and helps with acne scar problems.
I didnt have major acne problems,I just had a few pimples here and there and my problem areas were between my eyebrows and around my forehead.There was a lot of acne scarring on my forehead and my skin texture was pretty bumpy.

I have been using this mist for a month now every night before I go to sleep and my skin has really changed.The texture is not as bumpy anymore and the redness and scarring is now gone.Of course,I also wash my face twice a day with my usual cleanser.

Please before you use this on your face,test it in the back of your hand just so you can be sure you won't have a bad reaction to the tea you used.


  1. What a gorgeous blog, I can't believe I haven't found it before.
    You definitely have yourself a new follower!

  2. I know ava I love this blog she is amazing Iv just this minute found her on instagram I have a blog too and she has definitely inspired me to do more to my blog

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  4. How long is the green tea mist good for until a new batch is made.