3 Ways To Be More Productive

Hey y'all!What is up?Today I will be sharing with you three of my top tips to be more productive.To be honest,lately I haven't been very productive but I've been trying to get back on my game and these tips have been helping be a lot.

1.Surround yourself with positive influences.
Either that is by having bright fun colors around your work space or hanging up motivational posters to inspire you,surrounding yourself with positivity is an amazing way to increase productivity.Personally,I really like working during the day so I can have natural lighting as it makes everything super bright.Also,yall know how much I love me some inspirational posters so I always make sure to have some around my work space.

2.Create a Not-To Do List.
We all know the importance of To-Do lists but have you ever thought about a Not-To Do list?It is actually pretty amazing.I like to fill mine with things that I don't have to do for the day so I don't put extra stress on myself.

3.Try to procrastinate less.
Procrastination is the killer of productivity.I have a post with three ways to beat procrastination that I've found very very helpful.

Thank you so much for reading today's post.I will see you next Thursday.

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