Greetings Internet!How is everybody doing?Today I will be sharing with you my top three ways to beat procrastination and get your work done.

1.Create TO-DO lists:Organizing all of your tasks in a list can make everything way more manageable.Seeing an outline of all your completed and uncompleted tasks will help you stay organized,inspired and focused.Personally,I really like having my tasks written down on a piece of paper but you can use your phone(as it can be more practical).

2.Rewards:Make sure that you reward yourself after completing your everyday tasks.The reward doesn't have to cost money and it can be whatever you think will keep you motivated to actually complete your TO-DO list.

3.Use a stay focused app:Have you ever sat in front of your laptop and promised yourself that you are gonna be productive but the next thing you know you are on pinterest looking for 'easy hair tutorials'?Because I know that has happened to me like a million times.This is why I installed this chrome plugin called StayFocusd.With this plugin you can block certain websites that can distract you when you are trying to get your work done.

Sooo that was it for this Thursday's post!Lemme know what is your top way to get work done.I will see you next Thursday with another advice post.
Have a great day

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