Hey yall!Hope you are doing well.So today's post is gonna be a little bit different than my usual posts but I just really need to talk about it and I really wanna share my thoughts on it with the Internet.
Unless you have been living under a rock,you've definitely heard about or even watched Nicole Arbour's video called Dear Fat People.The only reason I am responding publicly is just because it hurts.It hurts to know there are people out there that believe all the things Nicole said.But it hurts more to know there are people out there that actually go ahead and share their opinion with everybody and they don't even feel bad about the fact that what they are doing is gonna hurt people.

-You compare overweight people to zombies.
You assume because someone weights more than you they can't outrun you.I bet you my life many people that you consider 'fat' they are way healthier than you.And yes,they can outrun you.You can't just automatically assume that everybody who is overweight eats McDonalds and unhealthy food everyday.I know a lot of overweight people who eat well.They eat salads and healthy home cooked meals.Moreover,I bet you if a person who is considered to be fat(by people like you)and I(considered by people like you to be skinny) went to the doctor's every single test would come back saying that I am less healthy than the overweight person.Many fat people(as you would call them) didn't choose to be overweight.There are many many conditions out there that can make a person gain weight super fast without them even eating unhealthy foods.Still consider every 'fat' person unhealthy?

-You say it is comedy.
When you are a comedian and what you are getting out there is comedy you don't have to remind people it is comedy.People are not stupid.If your video was comedy,people wouldn't have made all these comments stating otherwise.What do you expect?Me to sit down and watch your video and be like 'yo this girl Nicole though oh damn she is hella funny'.Girl,you serious?

-You say body shaming does not exist.
And what is it that you are doing.Because in my opinion that is exactly what body and fat shaming is.It is bullying.Your words make people feel like they are not worth it.And that is totally wrong.Nobody should feel disgusting and nobody should feel like they are any less.But you are promoting just that.Do you really not realise that there are young girls and boys out there that are gonna watch your video and they are gonna think to themselves that they are not worth it and that they are disgusting human beings.For God's sake,your video and people like you that say openly all those hurtful words-because I am not just saying this about Nicole-could drive someone into commiting suicide.You know how hurtful people(especially teens)can be.You are just giving bullies something to bully someone about.And don't say your videos are not targeted to younger audiences.This is the Internet and everybody has access to it.

-You say you don't need to apologise.
To that all I am gonna say is,okay.A fat person can become healthy but an ugly soul will always be an ugly soul.

If Nicole's video made you feel like you are not worth it,please listen to me.Mean people are always gonna say mean things.Save the 6 minutes you'd spend watching the stupid video and spend them on something positive like loving yourself.You are beautiful,you are worth it,you are amazing and you are my friend.
I will see you next week.Stay awesome!

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