Hello everybody. Hope life's treating you well. Today I will write about something that keeps bothering more and more people especially teenagers nowadays..It's the great difference between the words and the actions in somebody's life.
It's a fact that you will come across people in your life who will say all the nice words you want to hear, but in the end it is always their actions you should judge them by. It's the actions not the words that really matter. If you try to characterize people by their actions, you will never be fooled by their choice of words. As far as I am concerned, actions do speak louder than words, so believe what you see and forget what you heard.
There are a lot of people that always complain that their friends or partners say a lot of things but when it comes to making them happen...then they just quit, and they give up. You can't possibly believe everything someone says to you, and apparently you should let the actions speak in that case. For example you can say sorry a thousand times, you can say i love you a million times, say whatever you want, whenever you want. But if you are not going to prove that the things you say are true, then don't say anything at all. Because if you can't show it, your words don't mean a thing. And that is going to have an impact on the person you said those words to, and that is not something good. You can't give hopes to someone if you are not strong enough to make what you say happen in real life...
That was today's post. Hope you liked it. See you on Monday.

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