Hey there!We've been nominated for the Self Love Challenge by the lovely Chloe-you can read her post here-and we would like to thank her for nominating us for such an amazing challenge.

Just like every challenge this one has its rules:
Nominate 13 bloggers/vloggers.
Write 13 things about yourself
Share the post using the hashtag #theselflovechallenge13
And last but not least,you need to realise how beautiful YOU are!

13 Things I love about myself

1.I really really love my hair:I have long brown hair with purple ends and it is actually pretty healthy for all the bleaching it has been through(last month I bleached the ends 3 times in a span of 4 days)

2.I love my fingernails.They are naturally long and strong and they don't easily break or peel.

3.I love my curiosity.This is a parr of me I actually used to hate because it got me into trouble.But really now that I am older I believe I am blessed to be curious.It just makes me wanna learn new things and new skills

4.I love my confidence.I think it is safe to say I am a confident person.I used to be so self conscious but when I started embracing my flaws I became much more confident and happy.And I believe confidence is key for a happy lifestyle

5.I love my eyelashes.I love how thick and dense they are, it's cute!

6.I love my brown eyes.Brown eyes may be considered basic or boring by many but I really like my eye colour.

7.I love my height.I am 5.2" and very in love with it.Many people say I am short.And you know what?I am.And being short works for me.

8.I love my pale skin.It is kind of funny especially in the summer time when you see people walking around with their perfect tans and I am just sitting there being all like 'okay I think I have enough layers of sunscreen on to avoid getting burnt.

9.I love how creative I am.For as long as I can remember,I have always wanted to create.This is also a reason why I love blogging so much.It is a creative outlet.I get to share my ideas,thoughts and projects with you lovely people and that makes me very happy.

10.I love my chubby cheeks.They are just extra pieces of cute on my face.

11.I love my sassines.It is kind of funny to see people assume they can bring me down because of my size.Wanna bring me down?Oh, I dare you to try.

12.I love the fact that I am able to inspire people.When you guys comment saying that you find my advice helpful it just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and it makes me very very very happy.

13.Lastly, I love ME.I love my personality and I just think I am a pretty cool person and one of my main priorities is to make others feel good about themselves and I also like to offer advice I wish someone had told me.

Sooo now for the nominations.I nominate

Let's just talk about everything
Clover + Dot
Paola Kassa
Molly daydreams
Unique Aisling
Avenue de Jolie
Yas elle


  1. Thank you sooo much for nominating mee<33

    1. You are welcome!How could I NOT nominate ya?<333

  2. do you take those pics or you find them online?

    1. I actually find them online and then edit them on photoshop(add the borders,fonts etc)!Some great websites with free pics are and .Make sure you check the license before using them :)

  3. Hello! I am Alexandra from Alexandra's Paradise, the one that started this... Happy to find your blog (it's AMAZING!!) and happier to find out you did the challenge! It's like I am dreaming. I have never had before an idea with such a big success. The best part of this challenge are the feelings that are involved and the feelings that are created. I always wanted to make people feel beautiful and perfect just the way they are. To make them feel good in their own skin. From what I had read, the self love challenge somehow did that. Just like you I love my fingernails. They are strong and they can grow very long. I am a curious person too! And I can't imagine being different. This is a wonderful post! Thank you for writing it!! Again I love your blog! Hope you have a lovely week!

    1. Alexandra,thank YOU for creating this challenge,it is amazing.It is just so great how you inspire people and make them feel beautiful!
      Thank you again,have a nice day xxoxo