Hello Internet friends! How's life treating you all? Hope you are well and enjoy the little things in life. Today's post is about something that happened to me only a few days ago. One person, quite important to me, who is an athlete as well, was given the great chance to make his dreams come true and be a part of a professional team. That was something really amazing, not only for that person but also for his family and friends. He literally dedicated every second in his life to keep fit, to be always prepared and ready. So being given an opportunity that may change your entire life and career is something quite important. You really do need the support of your beloved ones in order to be able to handle all these major changes.
So he came to me, just some days ago and told me that he had to move in another city in order to participate in some kind of exams. He promised me that he would come back, but wouldn't that be so selfish of me to ask him to stay? He really deserves everything and that would be disastrous, if I didn't give him my support. We always write here on this blog, that every person should follow their dreams and make them happen, so who am I to tell him not to...?
I actually told him that I'm supporting him, I'll never stop doing that. I said that he needs to remain the great person he actually is, not to stress himself over everything and that he can do this. He can make his dreams come true and be the greatest he could ever be. I encourage him all the time, I try to be there for that person because he means a lot to me, and try to be positive for his sake.
That's the point of supporting someone you love, like or whatever. Don't try to keep them back, because you wouldn't like that either. It would be easy for me to tell him to stay. Do what is right, not what is easy. Always keep that in mind.
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