Greetings Internet!How is everybody doing?So today I though I'd share with y'all some hair and outfit inspiration for the first day back to school as well as some advice to make that day go as smoothly as possible.

So first,lemme begin with some cool outfit ideas.I really prefer being comfy than extremely over the top on the first day of school.I really like going casual.A good pair of skinny jeans,a plain top and some converse is the ultimate style for me(plus I am sure I won't be violating any dresscodes).If you are more on the dressier side I would suggest incorporating some really cute and girly elements in a casual outfit.That way you will be very comfortable but still cute.

Here I just have a very casual outfit(I am probably gonna go with something like that) and then there is an outfit more on the girly/dressy side.So,one of my biggest tips is having flowy elements in your outfit.Either some flowy shorts or a flowy tee make an outfit very very cute but still keep it comfortable and school appropriate.
Also,make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes.You are probably gonna be walking around a lot trying to find classes so you need shoes that won't make your feet hurt.

As you can probably tell,I am kind of hair-obsessed.I love straightening my hair,I love curling it and I probably have tried every overnight curly hair method that's ever existed.I am actually planning on going with a heatless hairstyle for my first stay back to school.I really don't wanna straighten my hair(as this is kind of what I do as my everyday hairstyle)and I don't wanna spend time curling it and then have my curls were down and look horrible.
I think a simple braid or a fishtail braid is the perfect hairstyle.It looks amazing on every type of hair and it is super easy and fast(plus it tames my frizzy wavy unruly hair).

Now for some advice for you first day back to school.
-Make sure you aren't running late.I can't really think of something more horrible than running late the first day of school and getting in your first ever class of they year late.Make sure you set your alarm ten minutes before the actual time you need to be up.This way you will give yourself some extra time to register everything and you will be more relaxed when getting ready.
-Don't worry if you don't have any classes with any of your friends.That happened to me last year and to be honest I am kinda happy it did because I got the chance to get to know two really amazing girls that are now my great friends.Just try to be a bit social and start conversation with some people that are sitting by themselves and not talking to the others because there is a really good chance they are feeling just like you are.
-It's just another day.In the very end it is just another day going to school.If it goes terribly wrong don't worry because tommorow is a whole new day for you and great things can happen.Just have fun because one day you will grow up and you will have all these amazing memories.

Soo I really hope you guys liked today's post.I will see you next Thursday.
Have a nice day
Byee :)


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