Last week,a lovely reader asked me on twitter what is the best advice I have ever been given.This past week I've been thinking trying to figure out what is actually the best piece of advice I've ever got until last night I actually figured it out.
The best advice I've ever got is actually from a quote I once saw on a beanie online.
It always seems impossible until it's done.
And this is so true!How many times have you said that you can't do it.Because I know I've said that like a million times.Chasing your dreams is scary and sometimes things may seem impossible.But you can do it.You just have to believe in yourself.
This quote is so important to me because in times when I am super unmotivated to do work or something that my future self would be thankful for,the only thing I have to do is remember it.
Sometimes,it is just all in our heads and we drag ourselves down.What if all the people you admire at on point in their lives gave up?They would have never accomplished anything.

So because I love this quote so much I decided to design a wallpaper for my phone about it.And I also thought it would be a good idea to share it with you.

Download for iphone 5 / iphone 6 / iphone 6+

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