Greetings Internet!How is everybody doing?
Soo back to school is coming very very soon and to be honest I am quite excited.I know a lot of people really just don't wanna go back to school.And I understand that high school can get pretty hard with all the classes and such but there are many ways to make your school experience just a bit better and make going back to school a bit more delightful.So,today I will be sharing with you my top three tips to help you have an amazing time going back to school.

1.Don't take it personal.
It's true.Not everyone in school is gonna like you.But that is totally okay.Because certain people don't like you doesn't mean that you are not awesome and you have to change yourself.We are all super uniqe and we weren't made to like everyone.There are people in your school that would love to be your friends,you just need to give 'em a chance.And you don't have to try to act cool for the popular kids because remember,no matter how cool they seem they go through their own stuff and they are definately not perfect.

2.You don't need to fit in.
Seriously,be yourself!Nobody can tell you that you are doing it wrong.Don't try to fit in and don't pretend to be someone that you are not just to make yourself look cool.Trust me,I have been there and it was very annoying to always be pretending.I know it is hard but it is soo important.Embrace yourself and your flaws.You are just this awesome human being with your own unique personality and flaws that make you YOU.Let people know that you are not willing to change for anyone to just fit in.And they will respect that.

3.It's okay to make mistakes.
You are still young and it is totally okay and normal to make mistakes.You are not supposed to know everything and nobody from teachers to your classmates know that.When you walk in the first day of school and you are just feeling lost remember that this is probably how 99.9% precent of all the people in your school feel.It's okay to fail a subject-as long as you always try your best.

Sooo this was it for today's post.I will see you next Thursday.
Have a nice day

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  1. Dang, if only I actually did this when I was a teenager. These are so incredibly vital. :]

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