How to draw a realistic eye|Tutorial

     Tools Used
     - HB Royal Graphite Pencil
     - H Royal Graphite Pencil
     - 2H Royal Graphite Pencil
     - 4B Royal Graphite Pencil
     - 2B Royal Graphite Pencil
     - Color Blender
     - Eraser


    About Pencils Used

We'll start by drawing the outline in order to show the exact shape. For this I used my HB Royal Graphite Pencil. Start by filling the pupil but try not to press too hard or else you won't be able to erase it easily if you make a mistake.

Now using my H Royal Graphite Pencil I shade that area. Using your HB Graphite Pencil draw the lines around the area we shaded previously and try to make them as random as possible. They will serve as guide of highlights and shadows the iris has. Then with my HB Graphite Pencil I lightly filled in the area around the pupil. Layering the under the rest of the iris with a 4B Graphite Pencil, the shadows are added, giving the iris more depth.Preferably put the shadows on random areas of the iris, not all the way around.

You can draw around the whole iris with a 4B Graphite Pencil. This will outline the whole iris. Now blend the area we outlined with the color blender and randomly darken some of the highlights we pulled out before with a 2B Graphite Pencil.
Using the tip of the color blender put some graphite around the sclera (that is the white part of the eye). Then darken the shadows around the edge of the iris. Using 2H Graphite Pencil start to darken the whole iris and shade the fold that is under the eyebrow and above the eyelash.

You can now add the eyelashes. Make sure to curve them because they are not so straight. We will  add the lower eyelashes, them being lighter so you can use 2H Graphite Pencil in order to draw them.
Lastly using the eraser, you can add some highlights to get much realism.

That was the tutorial. I'm not sure if the instructions could help you enough to draw it, please let me know, because that's the first tutorial I ever did myself. Hope you liked it.Enjoy and happy sketching!
Lots of love

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