Freedom & Happiness

Hello amazing people! How is life treating you? Really hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the precious moments of life. Today I am writing about one of the most significant things that ever existed. Freedom. Being free is a great feeling and also something that many people are concerned of in our days.
Being a teenage girl actually had an impact on me, I clearly saw things differently than the others, or I used to face some situations another way. I'm actually that kind of person that is sensitive, I used to let what others thought of me influence me and it stressed me out back then. This was a mistake that I needed to fix.
I had read a quote that gave me motivation to start changing some things in my life and some aspects of my personality that I thought were wrong.
I just can't let what others always say to make me question my choices and my wishes. That is something that prevents me from doing things I love and that is not right or acceptable. It prevents me from being happy. Happiness is liking what you do. The secret of happiness is freedom. If I let some people prevent me from being myself and doing what I love then technically I am not free. Doing what you like is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage. You need to pursue your dreams, dream big, shine bright and make everything you want reality. The minute I actually stopped caring about what other people thought and started doing what I wanted to do, is the minute I finally felt free.
Happiness means learning to say no to people and things that stress you out. It doesn't show any weakness. Being able to stand up for yourself  makes you independent and strong. It makes you determined to succeed. You need to heal the past, don't let the unhappy memories consume you,live the present and dream the future. Work hard for it and prove yourself that you are actually free and in search of happiness. You also need to find freedom inside your soul. In that heart of yours there is always a place that remains untamed, free, full of passion, peace and love. It makes you who you are and you should always remember that. You can do anything. Be free, don't be contaminated,be humble and optimistic because you are capable of so many things in your life. Don't let anybody judge you or make you think that you are not worth it, that you are not so good... Prove them wrong. Break your chains and be free. Believe in yourself and find happiness. You are SO worth it!

This was today's post. Hope you liked it. Looking forward to your comments below.
Lots of Love


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  1. Great post and true words.