Greetings Internet!Hope everybody is doing well.Today,I have a back to school post for you guys.And even if you don't wanna admit it,school starts soon.So I decided to start doing some school inspired blog posts and maybe help you guys a bit.In this post,I will be sharing with you four very effective ways to make your school mornings a little bit less stressful and I also have a suprise for you at the end of this post.

Use your favourite song as your alarm

I personally get so annoyed when I wake up to that annoying buzzing default alarm sound on my phone.Believe me,using my favourite song as my alarm has changed my mornings so much.I've been doing this for like a year and every time I wake up more peaceful and happier.It actually motivates me to get up,get ready and try to make my day a bit better and just push away all the negative thoughts.

Give yourself an extra ten minutes every morning

Props to my friend for giving me that idea.She told me that waking up ten minutes earlier than you normally would have every morning can make a tremendous difference on how your whole morning and your whole day goes.You can spend that extra ten minutes on whatever activity you think can brighten up your day.You can spend those ten minutes on enjoying a nice breakfast or maybe you can admire the view from your bedroom window.This school year I will definately try that.

Prepare your necessities the night before

I am definitely guilty of waking up late and rushing around to find my backpack and clothes to wear.So my tip for you(and to myself too because I need it)is to prepare what you are going to wear and have your backpack ready from the night before.Pick a space in your room(like the top of your dresser)and there lay the next day's outfit,your backpack,your papers,your keys and other knick knacks you will need for school the next day.Staying organized is key.

Have convienient breakfast options available

While we all wish we could wake up to a perfect breakfast of warm waffles with strawberries and whiped cream,the reality is that all these yummy foods take time and effort to prepare.So go with convienient,easy but still healthy breakfast ideas.My best tip on that is to either have something like overnight oats or grab some fruit or maybe have some toast with almond butter or whatever you like on top.Yeah I know not a fancy breakfast but it is quick,healthy and tasty.

A big tip I use to make my whole day a little bit less stressful is I listen to a lot of music.So I decided to share with you guys my top 8 songs.BTW right now marvin gaye is my alarm sound ;)

Hopefully,you guys enjoyed reading this post and I really hope you found it helpful.
What are your tips for stress-free mornings?Lemme know
Have a nice day
Byee :)


  1. Preparing a tentative schedule beforehand does wonders for me. It keeps me focused on the goals for the day & is a good way to keep track of what I've accomplished. :]

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