Hey everyone! If you ask me, I totally think that every person is quite skeptical about themselves. Sometimes you feel like you are not who you want to be, you're second-guessing yourself and feel like every single one is better than you. It's just a way of thinking and more and more people, especially teens have the tendency to believe that they lack of many things.
Beauty, Popularity, Love, Acceptance are some of the things that concern a teenager nowadays. As we have explained in some of our previous posts, the kind of Perfection everybody wants doesn't exist. I do strongly believe that everyone is just real and perfect in their own way, there is nothing  they can do to find something that is not real.
So today I want to tell you guys three significant reasons that show you why you need to accept yourself and be real and not pretend to be anyone else.

~Perfection doesn't exist in this world. You and I have read about situations and characters in our books perfectly presented by the author. You read about beautiful princesses, princes, or whatever that they don't lack of anything. Well this is fiction. You can't seriously think that we, normal people can have all these things. We are real, we are perfect with our flaws, our personality. Don't try to change yourself. Everyone else is taken, you are unique. This kind of perfection lives in you, it's not what you've expected, but it does exist, you need to see it, embrace it! Then you'll understand that you can feel happy in your own shoes, and more and more people will love you and accept you!
~Fake people are not cool. 
You know what? In this world where every person is struggling to be "beautiful" and "perfect" there are some people who give everything up, in order to maintain this "extraordinary" image of theirs... Real people just don't care to maintain anything. They don't need someone to tell them they are beloved, they are pretty or whatever. They are strong enough to embrace their weaknesses, become stronger and find happiness not in the words of others. Fake people will just stab you in the back and then ask you why you're bleeding. Don't be one of them.
~Don't pretend anymore. 
This is quite relevant to the previous reason because if you really want to be accepted by someone, to be loved and liked, then why would you pretend to be someone else? Where would that take you? Many people just hate two faced people.I guess you do hate them as well. You have to be yourself in order for the othrs to see the true you and embrace you for that. They will love your flaws, your personality, not just your looks or your clothes. Try to be real darling, because this will make you happy.

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Thanks for reading!

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