Failure..oh...failure.Who has not been there at least once?We all fail and we fail multiple times,it is in our nature to do so.It is in our nature to not be perfect and sometimes screw things up,that's just how it is.But there is also one other thing that is in our nature.And that is sadness,that horrible feeling we get when things don't go our way,when we realised we made a mistake and we failed at something.And now you may say oh well tell me something I don't know or isn't that how life works.I will totally agree with you,this is how it works but that doesn't mean that this is how it should be.You see,friends,in my opinion mistakes and failure should not make us sad.Mistakes are our life savers and failure makes us more experienced and that experience is what we all need to make it.

If you are gonna let mistakes and failure and rejection keep you from trying to achive your goals well let me tell ya something-maybe stop trying,just stop if you are so afraid of how yourself is going to react to failure.But what is going to happen if you stop,you will not achieve whatever your goal is.You will not be able to one day stand up and shout I made it.Only hard work will help you achieve your goals.So-I say-put those horrible feelings that keep you from trying aside and focus.Focus on the things that really matter.This is the way you are gonna prove these feeling wrong.Prove failure wrong,prove that it can't stop you,prove that you are stronger than letting your mistakes destroy you.I mean,I hear my friends all the time say oh I am going to make it,I am gonna prove this person wrong.Yeah cool okay,we always try to prove others wrong.But what about our mistakes.Let's for once try to prove them wrong.Seriously though,you are gonna let a frickin' mistake keep you from trying and keep you away from your happiness?Love,you serious?

In my opinion,becoming friends with your mistakes and facing the things that made you fail is the best way to deal with it.Failure gives you advice and if you know how to deal with it then it makes things a whole lot easier.Because now you know what to not do.And if you fail one more time,then hey great!More advice for you my friend.

Sooo that was it for today's post you guys.I hope you liked it,it is about something that I am very very passionate about because I would let mistakes and failure get to me a lot in the past.
What is your favourite way of dealing with failure?
Lemme know down in the comments.I love you and I will see you soon :)

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  1. Great post! I like the idea of becoming friends with your mistakes. They are simply guideposts to lead you to what works since you learned what doesn't.

    I also like to think of failure as "succeeding later."