Greetings Internet,what is up?Today I am coming at you with a very very exciting post that is dedicated to all of our lady readers out there and it is about one thing that every girl needs to realise.


One thing I have noticed is that we girls compare ourselves to each other a LOT.And we do that in a very very negative way that always results in hurting us.We do that very hurtful thing where when we are getting ready to go out or we just look at the miror we instantly compare ourselves to other girls.In my opinion ladies,every morning when we are getting ready to go to school or go to work and we make sure to look extra nice we don't do that to impress the guy that we like we just do it so in our heads we look nicer than that other girl.And that other girl could be anyone,from that girl that we absolutely can't stand to our best friend.And no,it is not jealousy it is comparison but believe me comparison is just as negative as jealousy.


It is something pretty much every girl in the world does.Even if you are a highschooler,a college student or even an employed adult woman you do it.It is in our nature and I understand that.But I have to ask you something.Where is it going to get you/us?What because your hair is all nicely straightened and my hair look like a rat's nest(happens everyday-I admit it)you think you are going to succeed in life?Love always remember,it is not the hair that covers your head,it is the brain you have inside it.


Always remember,something that I think is beautiful doesn't mean that the whole world thinks is beautiful.To be honest,some girls out there can pull off certain outfits better than me and I totally get that we are not the same person but that doesn't mean that I can't pull off other pieces of clothing.We all come in different shapes and sizes.And I think,especially girls find it very difficult to understand that.Lets face it,some types of clothing doesn't complement me and my body and that happens to everyone out there but there are outfits out there that I and you and everyone can pull off and look just gorgerous.

Soooo lovelies that is my post for this Thursday.So here is this Thursday's challenge for you;you should comment down below 5 women that have inspired you to be you and are just great influences for you.I will see you next Thursday and make sure you come back next Monday to check out my friend's post.As always,love you to the moon and back.Byeee :)

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  1. This is such a lovely and inspiring post, really needed to read this today!

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