Hey there everyone.Today I will be talking about apologizing and its importance.
So,here we've talked a million times about mistakes and how we cannot really avoid them.Truth is though,mistakes do not affect only us but the other people around us too.Sometimes through our mistakes our loved ones get hurt too and there is really only one thing we can do about it.We can say sorry.

And I know that sometimes saying sorry does not really help the situation because it is just a word and it cannot undo something.But it can be meaningful to the person we are apologizing to and even to us.Of course it is hard to say sorry sometimes.But it is really beneficial and when you are apologizing you shouldn't be doing it just to make sure that the other person is not mad at you.You should be doing it because you wanna help them through a hard situation they are facing.Apologizing does not mean that one person is wrong and the other one is right,it means that you value your relationship with the other person more than your ego.

You have to be very careful with the words you say to people because yes you can apologize to them but that does not mean that your words can be forgotten.You also have to be very careful with what you are apologizing for.Do not apologize to people for being yourself.If your personality annoys them then they should just walk out of your life.You are yourself and you should not be apologizing to others for being...well...you.It even sounds stupid.People around you are supposed to accept you and your personality.Why bother saying sorry to people that do not appreciate you?

So people,that was it for this Thursday's post.I really think it is very important to learn to say sorry but also realise who really deserves your apology.I am ending today's post with one of my favourite quotes about apologizing.Hope you have an amazing day and also what is your fave quote?Comment down below.


  1. Oh, I totally agree with you and it's really important if that person, which will hear that deserves for apologise. Btw, great quote :)


  2. Agree with you doll! What a great quote as well :)