Hello lovely Internet friends! Well you'll be wondering why the heck we are posting today.We have decided to change some things in order to make our blog a bit better.
After we talked for about an hour we did decided that we are actually changing the name of the blog. We still love the name theliferblog but we thought Skay sounded a bit better and the word skay means something to us so we named our blog after something meaningful.


 We were thinking of adding an extra day, that we post about DIYs, everyday things,photography and some blogging tips.So for the entire summer we want you to know that we are actually posting on Wednesdays as well. But we're not changing our main days, so Mondays and Thursdays are still on!
We want you to comment below about a few things that you would actually want us to write about, give us some blogging ideas etc. We really hope that you will enjoy these changes as we do and you'll have an amazing time.

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