This is a post with five important blogging tips for begginers bloggers that can help increase pageviews , drive traffic and get noticed

Hey there!As you may know we have been blogging for a year and when we started we had no idea what to do.So today we will be sharing with you 5 blogging tips we wish we knew when we started blogging.

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that you need to post every day,especially if you are just starting out.To be honest,I don't know how this is even possible.You should not sacrifice the quality of your posts in order to post every single day.I would say find one or two days every week that you know you have time to work on blog posts.If you can't think of blog post ideas don't stress.Some ideas for quick yet still interesting posts are:5 facts about me,what I have been loving lately, a wish list.Remember whatever you do it should always be quality over quantity.

And a lot of time actually.Many people start blogging with false ideas.If you just started blogging don't expect to get a lot of traffic or followers or brand deals.It will most likely get you over a year of consistent blogging to start seeing a loyal readership.But do not give up, blogging is fun and nobody woke up as a successful blogger and all of your favourite bloggers started with zero readers.

Many start blogging thinking about all the recognition and brand deals they can get and all the money they can make.Money should not be why you start blogging.First of all, if you are just into it for the money everyone can tell that you are not blogging because you like it and it's fun.And your readers are not stupid.You cannot fool them, everybody sooner or later will understand that your are just doing it for the money

Let's be honest a good looking blog is hard to resist reading.Make sure that your blog design represents you and what you like.For example, incorporate your favourite color in your design.If you are more of a sophisticated person you can stick to a black and white color scheme.Whatever you do, make sure it represents who you are and is clutter free.

Probably one of the most important things.Great photos can make your readers fall in love with your blog and it also makes reading way easier.You don't need an expensive camera to take nice pictures.You can use your phone and your pictures will turn out great.Once you have taken all your pictures it is time to edit.You can use photoshop but if you do not want to pay for it and you want something more simple then I suggest picmonkey.com .Picmonkey is easy, quick and free and offers a great deal of tools.

We hope you enjoyed these tips.Hopefully they can help you somehow,if you have any questions be sure to leave them down below and we will answer them.Have a nice day

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