Hey there!Hope you are having an amazing day so far.Today I will be sharing with you four things I think every girl(and every single person basically)should know.

Yes,you actually get to create yourself and who you are.You choose what defines you and you can be whatever you wanna be.You do not have to stick to a mold and because people around you are doing something that doesn't mean you have to do it too.You are a special human being that is different and unique and you make your own decisions.And I am telling you,the decisions you are going to make are not going to be all right.You will regret doing certain things and you will thank yourself for doing others.And that is the fun.Because whatever you do is either gonna be a blessing or a lesson.

You are completed.This means that you actually already have pretty much everything you need to survive.But the whole world is actually created in a way to make you feel like you need more.With a ton ads and new products and services around us every day it is very hard to resist but think that you actually need more.And I do it too.Although I know that I do not need half-and even more-of the stuff I want to buy,I still want to have them.

Everything you are going through right now and makes you feel like giving up is going to end sooner or later.I hear many people my age complain about highschool and how they cannot make through another day.Well guess what,highshool ends.And when it ends,something else starts.A new journey,a new path to follow,a new experience.Remmber,in the end everything is going to be alright,if it is not alright then it is not the end.

I always hear people talk about their other half.But what do you mean by other half.You are a whole person.A lot of people get caught up trying to find their other 'half'.You are already such a complicated human being full of awesomness and at some point of your life you are gonna meet someone.You don't have to waste time looking for someone to complete you,you are already so valuable.

Soo this was today's post.Hopefully you liked it and hopefully it helped you.One thing you can do is comment down below one thing you wish girls around you knew.I will see you soon.I love you and byee :)


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