Helloooo Internet friends. How are you today? Hopefully you are great and enjoy life. Today I am posting about three popular and in my opinion lovely songs that teach us an important life lesson.

-SUPERHEROS by The Script
Well as far as I am concerned, this is one of my favourite songs ever. I am so in love with it and its deeper meaning. It teaches you that you can be a superhero and you don't have to listen to what everyone else is saying about you. Just believe in your special abilities and generally yourself. Try not to criticise someone if you don't really know them. You aren't sure about their own story and what they have been through.

-NIGHTS by Avicii
The meaning of the song is so important for all of us you know.You need to live a life you will remember because you are actually given a precious and unique life and you have to try and make it worth it.It's a common fact that you can't have a life forever so you should do whatever you want with it. Don't regret anything.Your mistakes make you who you are. Try to find happiness in your life.

-WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN by Bruno Mars
Well that song is dedicated to those who are in love. Let your crush know about your special feelings. I don't mean to go to him/her and tell them you love them just out of the blue. It will be awkward.Show them the real you with your actions. Try to fight for them because nothing is easy and if you let love slip out of your hand...you will definitely regret it afterwards.

This was today's post. Really looking forward to your comments. Have a lovely time.
lots of love.

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