Magic in Real Life

Hello Readers. I really hope you're doing well. Today's post will be about magic in our real life and reality. I recently watched a movie that made me think about it, and I was so excited to share my thoughts with you. So let's begin with the main phrase.
I do believe in magic. I truly do. I'm persuaded that magic is a great form of reality. I also believe that everyone, and I mean everyone can find magic inside their heart. They just need to believe in it, and start looking for it. I can clearly see that every single person in this world wants to find a perfect magical solution to their problems, but they do not believe in magic at all. How could that happen?
As far as I am concerned, I think that life is magic. Magic is something that you make. If you start believing in yourself, that you can actually reach your goals and make your dreams come true, then I'm absolutely sure that you will succeed it. You can make anything happen then. You need to be open-minded. You should stop having your eyes always closed because you should really start seeing things, begin seeing life and its magic. It's hard but it's definitely worth it. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. It may not contain wands, fairy dust or whatever but it lives deep in our soul, protected and we shall find it. It makes us who we are. It's our qualities, our kindness and our love. If we have them, we can be happy. We won't need to be lonely, because we'll know that we are never alone. We'll have our friends, our family and ourselves. You should be proud of you. You are an amazing human being with a special light, with magic in you. You need to start believing in it, then you'll start doing it. Not everything is fake. I mean who said that fantasy and magic aren't real? They just represent something different, but they were created somehow. They were created to help us survive the reality. Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality, it's just a different way of understanding it.
That was my post. Really looking forward to your comments.
Lots of Love

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