Greetings Internet!Hope everyone is doing well.Today I will be talking about something that is very very important and I hope I can maybe help some of you guys.So just to set some things straight,there is not a list of steps I can give you guys to become happy and neither can I gurantee you that this blog post is gonna help you find happiness the only thing I can do is to help you understand some things and then hopefully help you become happy.


One thing that I always hear people say is that if they buy a certain object or if they do something in general then that is going to make them happy.The thing I have to say about that is that real happiness is definately not going to come by accomplishing.Happiness is an overall feeling and it is definately not the destination but it is the journey and it is silly to think that by getting a new laptop or by graduating you will become happy.Of course things like that will make you feel satisfied and excited but that will not last that long because in life there way more important things than a new laptop and these things require more attention.What I mean by that is,the satisfaction materialistic things give you will never be as satisfying as waking up a random day and realise that you are happy,you are actually happy.


Of course finding happiness is not something easy and you have to overcome many many things to become happy but it is definately worth it.You wake up every day and you can breathe and you are alive and every day is unexcepted.These are some great reasons for you to want to try-at least-to become happy but sometimes we cannot see that.Many people deal with depression or severe anxiety or mental dissorders that do not allow you to try and just say you know what,today I am going to start my journey to reach happiness and believe me I know first hand that it is not easy but nobody said it was going to be easy.It is going to be hard and that is why you need to find the strengh within you to fight because it is happiness is worth it.


Again,there is not really a list of steps I can give you to become happy but what I can do is give you advice and some tips that worked for me.
First of all,be aware that happiness takes effort.If you think that you are going to say to yourself oh,now you are happy you are not depressed anymore and suddenly you are going to find real happiness then you are not because that is not the case at all.Real happines is there,it is inside you but you just have to devote time and put effort into finding it if you want really become a happy person.
Involve others in your journey.One thing that really helped me personally was that I shared my thoughts with my friends,either if they were on the same page as me or not they all helped me because at some point I can try for them too.And I saw that even with the slightest progress my friends were becoming happier too.I just said to myself that I have amazing people around and they do not deserve to have somebody around them that is sad all the time.When I was really starting to feel happier it was noticable and it had an effect on my friends' moods too and I even had that one friend of mine come up to me one day and say the fact that you have tried to find your happiness has inspired me to start trying too.Let me tell you that was one of the most satisfying things I have ever heard and it made me so happy that I was able to help a friend.
So,these are just some tips and pretty much my experience and my story also.I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope I inspired/helped some of you.Now I have a challenge for you:
I want you guys to comment down below one thing that has helped you become more happy or you think is important and by that I want others to be able to read your tips too and get some help :)I love you and bye <3


  1. Amazing post. You write so well!

    Something I'd like to add is.... smile! It sounds a bit weird perhaps, but I smile every morning - when brushing my teeth, making my morning coffee, as I apply makeup and when I get dressed. Smiling in the morning makes me start each day on a very happy note. xx


  2. I totally agree with you, being happy takes effort and sometimes time. I think that the easiest recipe to being happy is to fall in love with somebody or something (like doing what you love).