Greetings Internet.What is up.I am really excited for today's post as it is on a topic that I think is very important for everyone.Today I will be talking about dreams and how you can achieve them.
First thing you need to know is that your dreams are what makes you you and you should not be ashamed about them.I know sometimes if you share your dreams/goals with your friends or your family they might make fun of you and that will probably hurt and make you think twice about it but you should not care.Dreams sometimes scare us,but that is totally normal.It feels weird saying I wanna do that when I grow up or I want to move there when I am older but that is totally okay.If your dreams do not make you say WOW when you think about them then they do not put you in a place where you are going to do anything you can do to achieve them.


As I said earlier your dreams should scare you but they should not make you feel afraid to chase them.Think about it,if your head is full of fear to do things then how are you going to be able to chase your dreams and make them come true?Sometimes we rethink about our dreams and,again,that is totally normal.Sometimes you grow out of your dreams-for example,when I was younger I wanted to become a vet but now that I think about it I say oh hell no,I mean I love animals but that vet life is not for me.The think you should not allow yourself to do is to fill your head with the fear of doing something that you are passionate about.I am sure you can do it,I believe in you and I do not even know you but I am sure you can become whatever your heart desires as long as you work hard for it.


+ Do not let others bring you down
I know it can be frustrating when people around you constantly tell you that you are never going to achieve certain things or that they do not feel like you are the kind of person that would do the thing you are passionate about and you want to do.Well I say do not care about what these people have to say about your dreams because in the very end they probably did not achieve what you want to achieve.Try to only get advice from people that are currently doing the thing you want to do because they can only give you real and honest advice.

+Write down your dreams
I cannot tell you how much writing down my dreams and goals has helped me.Make sure you write them down somewhere where you can look at them everyday because that way everyday you will be inspired to work hard to achieve them.And BTW believe me,that shit works like a charm!

Soooo I hope you guys enjoyed today's post.I had fun writing it and I hope you had fun reading it and maybe it inspired you.I want you guys to leave down in the comments some things you do that help you with inspiration for chasing your dreams-because believe me I can use all the help I can get :)
Love you loads

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  1. I'm very ambitious and I want to achieve so many things! I enjoyed reading this :)