Greetings Internet!What is up?Hope everyone is doing well.I am really excited for today's post because it is something that I have always wanted to do a post on and now I have the chance.So the topic for today's post is depression and anxiety and actually this week is depression and anxiety awareness week and so I thought I would talk about it.
To begin with,I have friends and relatives that suffer from anxiety and depression,I suffer from anxiety(thank god,it is not that bad)but I know what it feels like to have a panic/anxiety attack and I understant the feeling it gives you and I have to say it is not very pleasant.I had my first(and only-thank god again-) panic attack last year and it happened when I was in school and it took me a while to understant what was happening because at first I thought that I was sick and then I realised that it was a panic attack.It is really hard to describe what it felt like but basically my hands got really sweaty and my heart was beating like crazy and it felt like the room was getting smaller and smaller.It took me a while to calm down and when I finally did I just felt like crap and like I had just run a freaking marathon because my heart was beating so fast.I have not had a panic attack since and I am really really thankful for that because panic attacks are not cool and they are not pleasant at all.
I am sure there are people out there with a way worse case of anxiety(that can even lead to depression)than me and many people do not really realise that they have anxiety until something bad like an anxiety attack happens.So my advice is even if you feel like you may have anxiety please please talk to someone about it.It is really the best thing you can do,you can talk to your parents about it or talk to your friends and maybe one of them is going through the same thing and then you guys can help each other.
If you ever are near someone that is having a panic attack here are some very useful things you can do to help them:
-Do not freak out.The person next to you is freaking out a lot and feels horrible so just be calm
-Do not show annoyance.The person having the panic attack does not feel very good about it,believe me.So do not add up in the pressure they are feeling by showing annoyance,remember it is not their fault
-Do not try to distract them.This is probably one of the worst things you can do.The person dealing with the panic attack wants some time to realise what is happening and you trying to distract them is probably going to make them feel more confused.
So basically I just want to guys to know that if you are dealing with anxiety you are not the only one and you probably feel like certain things you feel just happen to you and only you but no you are not the only one.I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I would love to talk a bit more about anxiety and depression and dealing with stress so if you guys also want me to do that then I will.Remember even if I help just one person with this post then I am happy. :)Byee

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