Greetings Internet,what is up?Today I'll be sharing with you seven quotes that I live by and hopefully they can help you out somehow.

+ The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

This is probably my favourite quote.I have been trying to not let others make decisions for me because it is my life,my decisions and my mistakes too.Even if I make wrong decisions sometimes I get to learn from my mistakes,which in my opinion is more beneficial than always being right.

+ Stars can't shine without darkness.

I recently wrote a blog post all about this quote(get that self promo).Basically,you should not let certain moments of your life where you feel uninspired or you just feel kind of down bring you down and make you stop working towards achieving your dreams.

+ Nothing great ever came that easy.

This quote is a reminder that nothing that you truly want and that is truly going to benefit you is going to come neither quickly not easily.Because you have to work hard for things.There is no magic trick that will make your dreams come true the only trick is to work your ass of and never give up.

+ A head full of fear has no space for dreams.

Also wrote a blog post about that a week or two ago.It is really important to just clear your minds of all the fears that affects you in a negative way when trying to achieve your goals.

Sooo I hope you guys enjoyed today's post.I know it is kind of a quick one but I still think it can be helpfull for some of you out there.Also,what is your favourite quote?I would love to know so please leave a comment telling me.I will se you next Thursday anddd byeee :)

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