Greeting Internet!How is everybody doing?Today's blog post is inspired by a question I saw on tumblr last week and that question was who deserves my tears.To be honest that question got me thinking and today I will share my thoughts with you.
Personally,I tend to overthink about a lot of things and sometimes some things that I think about make me sad and they make me cry and I am sure I am not the only one because we are all just human and things like that happen.Whatever we do we cannot just stop caring,we cannot say 'I do not care' because we always do,we always care and there are always certain things that make us sad but there are also a lot of things that make us happy.And just like that,in certain situations we cannot help it but cry and that is totally normal.But that doesn't mean the reason we are crying about is worth our tears.I always hear people say nobody is worth your tears.No,that is wrong because there are a lot of people in this world that actually do deserve your tears.So the answer to the question is;people who have made you cry out of happiness in the past are the ones that deserve your tears and your sad moments.
What I am trying to let you guys understant by this blog post is that sometimes it is okay to cry.A lot of people say 'oh do not let anyone hurt you' but that is not true.You cannot choose whether or not you are going to get hurt because believe me if that was the case everybody would choose to not get hurt but then what would be the point?Wouldn't life be so boring and so predictable if we could just choose everything?Just please make sure that you are strong enough to realise that some people they are just not worth it you guys,they are seriously not worth it at all.So if you realise that you are crying because of people that do not deserve it please just try to get over it.
Sooo people that was it for this Thursday's blog post.It is all over the place I know but this is something that I just had to share because I am sure a ton of people go through things like that and maybe I can help :)Have a great day

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