Greetings Internet!Hope everyone is doing well.Today I am feeling good and I am just very happy and very excited to write this blog post because it is on a topic that I used to stress over a lot and I feel like it is something that you can relate to especially if you are a teenager and you are in high school or middle school it has definately concerned and maybe it still concerns you.
I used to be very self-concious about a lot of things and especially my appearance.I used to think that when someone was looking at me it would always be for something bad.Even if a random person was looking at me I would always think they were judging me and my appearance.When I would hang out with my friends and another group of people that happened to sit close us laughed I would always think that it was because they were making fun of me.When I would walk down the hallway in school to go to my class,I would always think that people were staring at me and literally judging me.
Now that I am older and I have learned to love and appreaciate myself,I have realised that all these people didn't actually make fun of me.I just thought that because I was so self concious and I didn't appreaciate myself enough.Now even if someone is actually staring at me,I just don't give a shit.I am not going to let a random person judge me and actually let their judgement get to me.And you shouldn't let people's stares get to you.Half of the time you think someone is staring at you,they probably don't.And even if they are staring at you please don't let it get you in a bad mood.Choose your happiness over random people's staring.Choose happines,don't be sad.First of all,people that have the need to stare at you and say bad things about you probably feel very bad about themselves and they just have the need to compare themselves with random people just so they can feel better about themselves.Also,if people are trying to bring you down-even in their heads-that only means that you are above them.By choosing happiness over sadness and by seriously not caring about what other people might think or say about you,you can make sure that they are staring at you because you are glowing with happiness.


  1. Wow, I love this kind of posts and yours is amazing!
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    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you so much! Oh and I'll definitely check out your post. xo

  2. Aw I love this post. It is very meaningful and inspiring x

  3. I love this blog so I thought I would nominate you for the Liebster blog awards
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