Greetings Internet!Today I will be writing another #thursdayramble.And to be honest,I have not done one of these in two weeks and I have missed them sooo much.To begin with,last week I was listening to a song called firework by Katy Perry and if you have listened to it then you will recognise a lyric that says "After a hurricane comes a rainbow".And I guess that lyric sounded very unusual to me so I decides to look it up and kind of think about it.What I realised is that you really need a hurricane in order to have a rainbow.Just like in nature you need rain and bad weather to have a rainbow,that is what happens to real life too.
Nobody was born perfect,if you really think about it it is situations that make us strong and teach us things.You cannot only have success you need to fail and you cannot expect everything to be just fine by not having to try and actually know couple of things.What I mean by that is that bad situations make you who you are and they are life lesson and they give you knowledge you will need in order to make something work.I mean look at the stars,they shine and look flawless but you cannot see them in the daylight,you can only see them when it is dark outside.So just like the stars,I am sure you are an amazing person and you can shine just like a star but you maybe need to be in a specific place or under certain circumstances.You need to find you "happy place" but to do so you will need to go through maaany things in your life.Some of them may look terrible but believe me they are great life lessons.
And so guys that was it,I probably made no sense again but hey that is the point of my rambles.Have a great day


  1. love the quote <3

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  2. Really need this right now with all the uni chaos --' thank you for writing this! Keep on doing more :)