Greetings Internert.Hope everyone is doing well.Today I will be talking to you guys about something very important and I hope you enjoy my post.
Lately I've had a lot of people tell that they feel "different" from the people around them and that they don't act like people their age and actually I have been there too.My answer to that is,you are doing nothing wrong you are just being yourself and if being yourself means that you have to act in a way that other people think is "weird"then just act differently,don't be like everyone else.And I mean in the very end who tells us what is right and what is wrong,what is normal and what is weird.If we were all the same,if we were all normal,important things wouldn't have happened.The greatest ideas have come from people that were different in one way or another and they weren't afraid to show others their character and they were totally okay with the way they acted.
Because your friends do certain things that doesn't mean you have to do these things too.It is okay if you'd rather stay home and eat pizza than party.Personally,I'd rather stay in and study and do things that can help me and my future self than party with my friends and get drunk.Yeah partying is cool and fun and all but it doesn't really help your future.So if my attitude is odd because I would much rather stay home or because I like blogging then I guess that's what it is.The thing is,you are yourself and if yourself is weird for other people then just continue being "weird" and do things that actually matter.
So guys that is it!I am ending this thursday's blog post with my favourite quote ever and please remember to just be yourself because in the very end there is no "normal".Have a nice day :)

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