Hello beautiful Readers! Hope you're doing great! I have been thinking about a lot of things in my life and generally about things that can be an influence (bad or good) to someone and I realised something.  I also read some of our recent blog posts and saw that many of them are related to how the others can affect our feelings. But, have we really thought about how our actions can influence a person, his feelings or his personality in general? Maybe we are doing something wrong. It is not always the others that make us feel worthless and sad but we probably do that as well, without noticing, of course. I mean sometimes we want our friends and family to be there for us, to help us, and be our rock you know, be strong for us...Have you ever thought that maybe your friends, family ever wanted the same for them, and you weren't there ? How did they actually feel? You weren't there to support them, be their rock and make them feel better. So  I think that sometimes we are being so blind and actually do not get the fact that our beloved ones need us to be there for them. That we are just a little selfish sometimes. Like we want them to give us the world, but then on the other hand, we don't even think about giving something back to them. I get the fact that we are all humans, have alot of things that we need to do, and we make mistakes. That is normal. I have said that before. The thing is that we need to see things from another perspective, and try to analyze them a little bit. We would understand then that nothing is just like it seems, and many people who seem so strong, actually are not. They need a person to be there for them and try to understand them. Maybe they are not so cold hearted and mean at all. Don't judge anyone before you actually meet him. Probably you or another one did something that led this person to isolate himself from the others, so that he won't break down.

That was today's post. Really looking forward to your comments. Let me know what you think about it. Join us as well! 

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