Greetings Internet.How is everybody doing?Sooo it is thursday and that can only mean one thing.It means that this is a #thursdayramble and today I will be talking to you guys about fake friends.
Let's be honest we've all had or still have fake friends around us and I know first hand that they are so confusing and annoying.Truth is though,they are actually gifts.They help us become more grateful for our real friends.In the very end,fake friends are your teachers,they teach you what kind of person you shouldnt be.
I have definately had "friends" that just pretended to be my friends and were very dishonest and whenever I asked them for advice or something like that they would always just walk away.What I did for that was to just let them go.Hell if someone just pretends to be your friend and you realise that please do not let them stay in your life because you do not deserve to have negative people around you when you can surround yourself with real friends that will be there for you when you need them.
I've had soo many fake friends and two faced people in my life that right now I can spot them from miles away and I know when I meet someone for the first time if they are gonna be two faced or if they are gonna be just great friends.As I said earlier,fake friends are not just a waste of time.They are your teachers and again just like everything in life they are valuable life lessons.I cannot even tell you how many things fake friends have taught me and I thank them for that,I thank them for making me stronger and I thank them because due to them and the things they have put me through I now know to treat my other friends just how they deserve to be treated.
So in conclusion,fake friends are gifts and they do teach you a ton of things you need to know.Also,if you think that some people just pretend to be your friends then cut them of.And do not think that cutting them of your life means that you are going to be left alone without friends.Oh no,I am sure you have other wonderful real friends and if you don't then do give a chance to other people and maybe they can become your friends.Most of my real friends right now are people that I never thought they would become my friends.
Sooooo I hope you guys enjoyed this thursday's blog post,make sure you come back next monday for a new post from my friend and I will see you next thursday.Stay cool :)

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  1. Honestly enjoyed reading this post and the last picture- priceless!