Being a teenager is a big deal. I mean of course it is. 
It's a fact that your personality changes, your appearance changes and generally your perspective of everything changes.
Let me tell you that.YOU have changed.
You think that everyone wants you to be perfect. For example your boyfriend/girlfriend needs you to be the ideal one, your parents want you to have the perfect grades and all your friends like you when you act like the 'cool' kid. Am I not telling the truth?
Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying that having good grades or being cool are bad things. They are really nice. But the question is 
Do you really like to change everything  in order to be "perfect" for everyone else?
Let me enlighten you.
Don't EVER let someone let you down. It will ruin you. You need to know that you are just PERFECT the way you are. We are not the same. We will never be the same. We are unique human beings with real feelings. 
We're all happy, we're all sad, we're all upset, sometimes confused but NEVER the Same.
Just think about it. Try to comprehend what's happening now. You should try to find your own path in life and follow it. Be unique. Be strong. Be different. Be happy.
Don't let them tell you that you are not beautiful or you are not worth their time. They are absolutely and terribly wrong. You are your own person. Help them realize that. Try not to change yourself. Have faith in you as I do. Don't let anyone persuade you that you need to be perfect. And why's that?
It's simply because perfection doesn't exist. Your imperfections are PERFECT. Just don't lose yourself.  Be YOU among 7 billion people. Trust me. There will be a person who will see the light in you and decide to keep it safe.

Thanks for reading. 
Bye! xo


  1. Very true! Teenagehood is not easy but with time we realise our value and love the things that make us unique.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment :)