Greetings Internet!Today ,yes you guessed it right, you will be experiencing one more of my #thursdayrambles.One of my great friends was talking to me this Friday couple hours before her exam and she told me multiple times that there is no way she is gonna pass the exam.To be honest,at some point I got really mad at her because she was constantly complaining and saying that she doesn't believe she is going to pass and so I just literaly told her in a angry tone that if she doesn't believe in herself then I am going to do that.I am going to believe in you.Long story short,when she walked out of her exam she had a huge smile on her face and she hugged me and told me that it actually went very well but she also told me that if she passed her exam I would be the reason she did.Because I gave her motivation at the right time.So,that whole story made me think that maybe all we need sometimes is a friend or just a random person to tell us "Hey,I believe in you"
I think it is really important to have people around you that support you and think that you can make it.But if you don't have that person in your life then I am here to tell you that I am going to be that person and I am also going to tell you that I believe in you.
I don't know,I have never met you but I am 100% sure that you are an amazing human being and so you deserve to have people that believe in you.I am sure whoever you are,whatever your religion and ethnicity is you have been through hard times in your life and maybe you are going through a hard time right now.But guess what,you are still alive and you have made it throught hard times succesfully and you are still here.Just for this reason,I think you deserve someone to tell you that when you are feeling down and you are thinking that nobody supports you anymore please please keep in mind that I support you and I believe in you.Again,I don't know you and to be honest I don't need to know you to tell you that I have faith in you.Because,one more time,you are here reading this and congrats you have made it through all the shit life has put you through and that means you are a strong person and you deserve to have someone that believes in you.
So if tomorrow you find yourself kind of feeling under the weather or you just need a friend,keep in mind that I am your friend(you can call me your virtual buddy)and I have faith in you.
I really hope this post makes sense because my rambles rarely make sense.If you have any questions make sure you leave them down below I will answer you and again I love you and I believe in you!Byeee


  1. Nice post dear. So motivation.
    I follow you now. Follow me back.

  2. I fully agree with you! I think it's great what you did for your friend c: Having someone believe in you and support you is really important - It gives us motivation and confidence in what we have to do!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  3. Aww, how nice you could support your friend! I think it's true too, sometimes we just need someone to support us, whatever challenges we are facing! :)