Hello guys! Today I'm going to write about something that happens among people of all ages. It's this feeling that you are so alone and you can't do anything about it.
It's a fact that many times you get that feeling that you are on your own, and nobody seems to understand you. It's common I guess. Everyone can feel that way.And being seventeen doesn't help at all. Personally, I usually feel that my whole world is falling apart and I'm just so messed up emotionally. I don't know why. You literally want to scream at the top of your lungs for every single person to hear you, to cry, to laugh and do whatever you like. Then it feels like something keeps standing on your way. It prevents you to do what you really want. You simply cannot do anything then. You hide your feelings, your thoughts and build walls to prevent the others from knowing the real you. You want to be protected so you won't get hurt. You are so alone, you feel it and you keep being stressed over everything. You just need to take a break. To try to open up a little bit. There is always this tiny voice inside your head that keeps complaining and doesn't leave you alone. It's not good. Try to avoid that one, so you can feel a little better. If you get that feeling as well, but you are not so sociable, you don't have to worry about that. There's another solution. Write your thoughts and emotions down on a paper, then try to read it. Out loud. Listen to you talking and remind yourself that you don't have to be alone. You stay true to yourself and try to enjoy. By having fun I don't mean trying reckless things. That is not so cool. You can have friends, your family and have a great time. You then realise that you are not always alone, you may feel that way, but there are these precious people around you who care for you, love you and want you to be happy. Not happy for a day. Always happy. You need to let them be there for you. You are not so alone after all.

That was my post. Comment below what you think about it and if you get that feeling sometimes as well. Hope you have an amazing time. 


  1. i completly understand what your saying, im currently going exams and pooing myself right now, i dont like to talk about it with people as i think they'll think im being over dramatic or something but yano exmas have got to happen so what can you do really? Great post really relatable :)