Hellooo ! Today I want to talk to you about something that actually happened a few days ago back at school. Being nearly 17 , I could totally say that I was so shocked.
Well you all know the typical high school "group-ies" like the 'populars', the 'nerds' etc. I don't really understand why everything is so confusing and nobody can hang out with whoever they want without being judged by everyone else. It's horrific and so stupid.
Well listen to that one. There was this girl who really liked the popular guy, you know the typical handsome soccer player and what not. The guy is really nice, because I know him  and if I guess right he likes her back but doesn't admit it. Me being friends with both of them knew that from the beginning. So I just pushed it a bit. ..and they told each other how they feel.They are together now. They are sooo cute and so happy.
.And then it happened. ........
When my friends were spotted together and they admitted that they're dating, the whole world exploded. Like literally. The girl got bullied because she was being with (I quote now:) "The most handsome and perfect guy that wasn't for her". She was laughed at for her clothes, hair and high grades. The guy was laughed at by his "mates" as well.
And I'm likeeeee whatttttt ?We are in high school ! Really now? How immature was that.? We are freaking seventeen years old.
Well I tried to help both of my devastated best friends in order to get better. I remember me telling them that they have to try and fight for what they believe. Be themselves and be strong. It's just a storm, I used to tell them. After they sorted things out(  the guy expressing his feelings in front of everyone), everything went back to normal.
I told you this because I want to remind you that everything is possible and we should definitely not judge the others about their appearance, personality or feelings. You need to get to know someone before you start criticizing them.  #IfIWasInYourShoesIWouldNotJudgeAnyone
Hope you'll think about it.Have a lovely day.


  1. I'm so agree with you, that story shows that when people are in high school mostly of them are so immature. Moreover -you wrote great and wise words here - don't judge somebody when you don't know that person.


  2. This sounds like some crazy plot out of a movie, or better yet, High School Musical without the 'musical'. I love your message, though! Never judge and be supportive. I'm glad he stuck with her though. People can be such assholes.