Wrong Things People do in Relationships

hello everyone. What's up? Valentine's Day was like two days ago so I decided to write a post with regards to relationships! Yayy Are you in a relationship? Well you'll probably need this.
I just wanted to talk to you guys about some mistakes we really make in our relationships. It's what I think so please don't get affected...
-Firstly there is this Leaning Figure. This person ALWAYS relies on others for happiness, motivation and success. I believe this is so wrong. I mean, don't get me wrong, we can SOMETIMES depend on others but hey we should really learn how to make ourselves feel good. Besides, these people have their own lives, their challenges and goals.
-Then we have the Restrictions. Oh boy. Let me tell you that buddy. The main goal is not placing restrictions to the person around you, it's for him or her to be able to see through your soul, to love you and respect you, not because you told so,but because it feels like it. It's important.
- "Amnesia" Well when someone is in a relationship he makes this terrible mistake. He forgets about the other significant people in his life like family or friends and decides to make his partner his entire world. Listen to me.
'You can't possibly believe that you will experience the perfect things in life only with a one person'
Am I wrong at this one?
- Last but not least just try to be yourself. Don't try to portrait the 'ideal' fake girl/guy to the person you like. Be who you are and proud of yourself. Believe me if you do that, more and more people are going to love you truthfully.
That was my post. Hope you liked it. Comment and let me know what you think. 

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