The Grammys 2015

hello everyone.
Well, we were all watching the Grammys last night .The celebrities were 
all so amazing. I loved the clothes, the make-up, the performances..
it was awesome.. .. 
Here's a list of my fav ones. 

Sam Smith. He won four Grammys. He is so talented. Congrats Sam!
Ed Sheeran. He may have lost in all three categories for which he was nominated but Ed wowed millions of people with the live perfomance with a dream team of Questlove, John Mayer and Herbie Hancock. 
Kanye West. Though he failed to win a single award, Mr Cool became one of the main stories at the Grammys thanks to two performances. He did manage to earn more twitter mentions than any other artist last night.
Don't forget to comment below and let me know who is really your fav artist from the Grammys 2015. Join us!
lots of love

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