How to have a great day

Greetings Internet!Last thursday I posted 10 facts about me but I really forgot to mention a very important thing about me.And that is that I think a lot.And I mean I think way too much and way too seriously for a 15 year old sometimes,and that is not always good.So what I was thinking about and what I actually realised last week is that my days suck.And I see that it is not just me,actually a lot of my friends have told me that they don't feel good with they way their days usually go.And so what I wanna share with you today a list of ways I put together that have actually helped me make my days a bit better.

+ Stop replaying bad moments in your head:I know that sounds so simple but it is so effective.We all do the big mistake of always thinking about things we've done in the past that we are not really proud about.And I mean if you really think about it,why do we even bother?If you think about it when you read a book for example and you don't like it you don't re read it and you don't buy a second copy.So why do we think about stuff we don't like if it makes us feel sad.Like it makes no sense,just don't think about it,pust it away and focus on things that you like.

+ Things belond in the past:Hey guess what?It is called the past for a reason because it is not the present and it is not happening right now.Why are we so caught up in thinking about things that happened in the past if they make us feel bad and why don't we just leave them where they belong-and guess where that is-the PAST.For example,you are sitting in class and you are all sad about that test you failed yesterday,but that keeps you from focusing in class and actually learing.I don't think that we realise how many things we miss out on just by thinking about our past constantly.

+ Surround yourself with positive people:Having positive people and people you like around you is very very important.If you wake up everyday and you are thinking that you will be surrounding yourself with people you don't really like then that is just a not so good way for your day to start off.An I know that sometimes you cannot really control who is around(for example school)you can still choose who are you gonna be friends with and who are you going to hang out with.So if you have a toxic friendship going on right now in your life I suggest you just talk to yourself honestly and find out what the best thing to do is,and if that means that you need to end a friendship then I suggest you do it.Believe me I've been there,the sooner the better.

And that was my crazy thursday rumble!I hope I helped you and actually if I my crazy rumbles can help even one single person then I am just beyond happy.I love you and bye :))))


  1. I'm an over-thinker as well. I think way too much. If I have an awkward or embarrassing moment, I think about it for years after and I've always been like this. lol. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Oh yeah,I am always thinking about my embarassing moments and they are a lot,trust me :)

  3. Great post :) I think everyone has those moments when you feel low so you're not the only one :) I love the quote at the end, it's very true!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  4. I am the worst for thinking about older things and make myself feel bad all the time, it's one thing I dislike about myself. These are all so helpful xx

  5. Great post, I guess, we all are guilty of over-thinking at one time or another.