Greetings Internet!Today I am going to talk about a topic that is common,it happens to everybody and it is called rejection.BTW yes,this is one more of my #thursdayrambles -I really like this hashtag-

 I have been rejected and not only once.And I think you can relate because it happens to everybody and it
has happened to you too at least one time but ,guess what,it is gonna happen again and again and
again.Maybe you got rejected from your crush or you got rejected from a college you really wanted to go to,I am here to tell that it is okay.I know when you are freshly rejected it is so hard to believe that it is for the best,and that is totally human.But something that has helped me a lot is to think that everything happens for a reason.Maybe you were not meant to be with the guy or girl you had a crush on but that doesn't mean that you will not find love at some point in your life.And maybe it was not meant for you to go to that one school but there are ton of other schools out there and maybe if you give them a chance you will end up liking another school more than the one you originally wanted to go to.And that is the part in which you realise that that rejection actually was for the best.

I really hope you guys understand that a rejection doesn't end your life but it is actually more like a lesson.If you need time to get through it then definitely take your time and you know if you feel like crying in your bathtub in the middle of the night with a tub of ice cream is going to make you feel better then yes it is cool you can do that too.Many famous people have been rejected when they were starting their careers but did it stop them,heck no.So why would you let a rejection get to you that much.Again,cry or think about it until you are okay with it and just move on,there are many opportunities waiting for you and there is room for everyone to succeed in this world.

Also if you want me to talk about something in particular next thursday make sure you let me know or if you have any questions for me leave them down below and I will gladly answer them.
Byeee :)


  1. Hey there! Your blog is really cool, super helpful post, keep it up! :D

    1. Hey! Thank you soo much. Really glad you liked it!

  2. This was such a lovely post and idea! I hope you won't mind if I write about a similar topic, soon, too! :) Rejection is terrible but it happens to everyone and it's not the end of the world. We should learn that with every rejection come three approvals!! :)

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  3. Hey what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Not everyone will like you but the best thing to do is kill the people that don't like you will kindnes. :)
    ~Racic || Washed by the Water