Get to know me:10 random facts about me

Greetings internet!Today I am going to be sharing with you 10 random facts about me.But first of all to clear things up,there are two girls "running" this blog.One of them is me(obsiously) and the other one is my great great friend and she posts on Mondays and I post on Thursdays.And I know that we both don't really share personal information with our readers(you don't even know our names)but today I am going to change that and actually share with you 10 random facts about me.
+ I am actually 15 years old
+ My hands and my feet are always cold.No matter how many pairs of socks or gloves I am wearing my feet and hands are always gonna be cold.
+ I don't get drunk easily and I really dislike the taste of alcohol.
+ One of my biggest pet peeves is chasing after any kind of sports ball especially a ping pong ball
+ I absolutely love math(yes I actually do)
+ I strongly believe that it is actually wayyyy more important to be honest with yourself first and then try and start being honest with other people.
+ I can't watch a movie more than one time(it is a problem)
+ I love cameras and photography/videography
+ I have a crazy obsession with socks and that probably explains the fact that I have a massive sock collection
+ I really wanna start collecting old vintage cameras.

And yes actually 10 random facts about me!And what you guys can do is actually leave a comment with 10 or 5 facts about you or if you have a blog then why don't you do a post with facts about yourself.Kayyyy thanksss <3

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