how are you? Is everything alright? Hope so.
So today's post will be about my fav three fashion trends for this year. Yayyy. Ya like it?
Well as far as I am concerned I consider myself a fashion dedicated person and I really hope you like my post.
1.) First of all, I'm literally in love with Oxfords and Ankle boots. Can't help it. They're so perfect and in fashion. I guess this new trend is a keeper because more and more fashion brands return to this unique style. BTW I have apparently a pair of oxfords and two pairs of ankle boots. Love them. Imma get more.
2.) My second fav trend for 2015 is probably anything yellow. According to many fashion related magazines, this colour is going to be an enormous trend. Well, if ya ask me I love it. I always liked Yellow and I'm so happy that it's going to be a worldwide trend this year. I have a few yellow pieces of clothing, so I guess it's fine.
3.) Last but not least, I really like black and white. This trend is not groundbreaking but black n white is really everywhere. What makes this season's take on the classic colour combination interesting, though, is the variety of textures, patterns and silhouettes. So it's pretty cool.
   This was today's post. I really hope you like it, as I do so. Please comment below and let me know your fav 2015 fashion trends and the reason you chose them. Join us if you want too.
Lots of love.

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