Hi everyone.Today I wanna share with you 3 different ways to make 2015 amazing.And I promise you right now that if you start following them right now your life is going to get better and better all the time!

+ Think less 
I can assure you right now that if you start thinking less,your year is going to be a heck lot better and also you will feel much much better about yourself.Stress will go away and you will probably be able to do way more amazing things than last year.

+ Set realistic goals
I am so guilty of setting extremely high goals when the new year starts when I know that there is no way to achieve them.So my advice to you is to set realistic goals and this way you will feel satisfied when you achieve your goals.

+ Enjoy the little things
So actually one of the lessons I learnt in 2014 is that you should enjoy the little aspects of your life.To be honest big things don't happen that often and when they do they don't really last that long.So enjoy the little things,maybe one thing is that you meet your friends when you go to school and you get to hang out with them.Well,you should enjoy that as much as you can because you don't know if next year things are going to be the same.


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