Types of YouTubers

Hey.So today I thought I would write about something I really like.And one thing that you should know about me is that I love me some youtube.And that means that I have watched a lot of videos and I have also come across a few of different YouTubers.And today imma talk about them
1.The happy meal youtuber:This person is probably the happiest person in the universe.So they decide to share their happiness.And what a better way to spread positivity and happiness than just posting a youtube video.
2.The I want it all youtuber.Sadly this youtuber exists.And I say sadly because this person only cares about money and fame.And that should not be the deal. Not only for youtube but for your life in general.
3.The so damn hot youtuber.This youtuber is one of the hottest people alive.They make their fandom melt.They have fans running around and they just love them
4.The talented:Basically this person does everything right.Wether it is makeup or DIY projects this human being can do it right.And then they post a video on the Internet making all of us feel dump and talentless.Thaaaaaanks
And I think this is all I have for you people today.If you have a youtube channel you can leave it down below as a comment and I will subscribe to you.Byeee

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