Types of comments on instagram

helloooo.! What's up my friends? Well if you haven't noticed I'm literally in love with the social media, especially instagram. You know the one with loads of pictures and different types of comments. This is what I'm gonna tell you on  today's post. The different types of comments someone will see on instagram.
1.) Firstly there are these stupid really stupid inappropriate comments. The people just don't get it. You choose to post a really nice picture of you and buzzzzzz
they're all over you. Personally I can't understand how these people think they can accomplish a friendship or a relationship with that type of things! LOL
2.) We have the Beloved Fangirls. They are the people who take the entire fandom to the next level. They are always so sweet about their idols and so dedicated all the time. I say that many people admire them. Like how can possibly one person love someone, who they don't really know personally, so much? It's so cool. Good job!
3.) These are the annoying "artists" who just literally make your comment section full of strange and weird comments. Look my friend, I'm just trying to present something and you just destroy it. Please don't do that. It's not nice.
4.) The next one, is the "Thirsty" person. Their comments are like 'follow me please please please..!!!!' . This is just a follow for a follow. They don't really care about my pic, my post or whatever and they are always like 'do ya like cookies?then follow meh' Thanks for turning my comment section in your type of commercial. Jeez.
5.) The 'Jerks'. These people always find something wrong. They will comment you and will be like "you look weird/ you have so much makeup on/ your one eye is bigger than the other and blah blah blah. Thanks! I'm not perfect. Get over it!
6.) Last but not least there is this 'Gossip person'. They are always gossiping. You cannot post a pic with a male. They will be like "heyyy i saw them!...or "i think they're married....!"....or "they probably do have a baby. They're engaged! Look at the huge ring! OMG!"
And then it's weird because you're like
'Are you serious? This is my BROTHER!'

So this was my post. Really hope you like it. Comment below what you think about it, and different types of comments you think they exist. Join us too!

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