Happy 1st of December!

hiiiiii guys
what's up?
Guess what? Winter is here! 
December is probably one of my fav months ever. To begin with, Christmas is coming. What could be more beautiful and perfect?
During holidays you're able to do a lot of things you enjoy.
 First of all you have to love Christmas shopping. I mean who doesn't?
There is this so called Christmas spirit wherever you go and the atmosphere is really unique and Christmas-y.
Holidays' decorations are so cool, like you can create a lot of things you like and choose to decorate your room, or maybe your house.
But let's just not forget the snow. I literally love the snow. It's white, soft like a huge perfect blanket where you can lie down and admire it. Also you can go ice-skating or built a snowman. This is like a favorite habit of mine. Whenever it's snowing, my friends and I always look forward to building a cute snowman. It has even a name.( weird huh?)
Last but not least, I'm so ready for hoodies, beanies and cold,cozy nights, watching re-runs of Friends and drinking hot chocolate.I like that. 
Anyways this was today's post. Happy 1st of December everyone! Enjoy it! Let me know if you like winter as I do. Are you looking forward to Christmas?( stupid question..but that's fine) Please comment below.
lots of love.

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