Expectations vs Reality ❅ Winter Version ❅

Hey!Today I decided I am gonna write about scenarios that we all think about when it gets all cold and wintery and we all expect to do certain stuff when it is winter but when it actually comes to reality they don't really go how we want them to.

1.Fireplace:Basically every winter I have this scenario playing in my head,that I will actually be able to properly start a fire and get warm.Now,the problem is that starting a fire in a fireplace is not the easiest thing in the world and when I try to start a fire I will either get nothing or literally burn myself.And also most of the people I know don't even have a fireplace so probably their fireplace is gonna be that 5 hour long youtube video of a fireplace.

2.Snowball Fights:First thing,where I live it actually rarely snows.And when it does snow when I actually go out with my friends and I wanna start a snowball fight all I am left with is the really dirty snow and I also cant even make snowballs.Like,have you seen in movies the really nice and perfectly white snowballs?Well,let's be honest I cant make them look like that and I think neither can you.

3.Hot Chocolate:Okay,have you ever tried to make hot chocolate?Cause if you have,you understand the PAIN!Hot chocolate is probably the best thing during winter but also the hardest one.When I try to make hot chocolate it will either end up being really watery or it will have gross chunks of cocoa powder and I am not actually able to drink it.And funny thing is,hot chocolate seems so easy to make but ,again,it is not.I nearly burnt down my house last time I tried to make one and no I am not exaggerating or kidding,my mom is still mad at me.

Anddddd that is it!Bye


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